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About Jamaica Homecoming | Jamaica, Grand Homecoming 2012
Picture courtesy of Fahad Martin Pinto
Picture courtesy of Fahad Martin Pinto
Picture courtesy of Fahad Martin Pinto
Picture courtesy of Fahad Martin Pinto
Picture courtesy of Fahad Martin Pinto

About Jamaica Homecoming


Director and Secretary: Cynthia Reyes


Jamaica Homecoming Canada is a not-for-profit, non-partisan organization operated and managed by a team of volunteers from Canada and Jamaica (of Jamaican heritage and friends of Jamaica) who are passionate about Jamaica and want to be part of the evolution and development of the country.

Jamaica Homecoming Canada seeks to:

  1. Develop a national awakening and movement that will inspire Canadians of Jamaican origin and others to connect with the island of Jamaica.
  2. Assist Canadians to learn about Jamaica’s rich cultural heritage through awareness-building and educational activities.
  3. Promote and encourage investment interest in Jamaica’s economic sectors.
  4. Promote and provide support for educational, cultural and philanthropic endeavors in Jamaica and further encourage a greater generosity of giving forward by Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica.
  5. Hold conferences, meetings and exhibitions for the discussion of Jamaican issues and opportunities.

Grand Jamaica Homecoming

Grand Jamaica Homecoming is one of the major initiatives developed by Jamaica Homecoming Canada. It is a catalyst to reach the Diaspora in Canada and around the world in a way that reminds Jamaicans of the cultural and historic heritage we all have in common and that makes us a unique family of people. In celebration of Jamaica’s 50th anniversary of independence and as a way of engaging the Jamaica Diaspora, Grand Jamaica Homecoming:

  • Presents an enormous opportunity to engage Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica and continue to strengthen the Jamaica brand
  • Will create a Canadian national awakening and movement that will inspire Jamaicans and friends of Jamaica to ‘come home’ to the Island for an authentic Jamaican experience
  • By virtue of technology , will also inspire Jamaicans in the greater Diaspora around the world.
  • Will be a catalyst for unlimited economic and cultural opportunities for Jamaica
  • Is a year-long program beginning January 2012 – December 2012

For more information on Grand Jamaica Homecoming, see details below.





Grand Jamaica Homecoming

Chair: Cynthia Reyes

Jamaica is a powerful brand – a small island with a strong profile on the world stage. Jamaica has produced some of the most influential people in the world in business, law, agriculture, science, sports and culture. Its greatness is visible in every single sphere of life. There is a piece of Jamaica to be found in every part of the world. There is a force that is Jamaica. We have no idea what that unexplainable force is that pulls people back there, but what we do know is that people have an affinity to this island paradise. We applaud any endeavor to reconnect Jamaicans and introduce friends of Jamaica to an island they should want to know.

Grand Jamaica Homecoming is a magnet that pulls people ‘home’ to Jamaica.


Grand Jamaica Homecoming is a pan-Canadian, non-partisan and not-for-profit initiative whose vision is carried out by a team of volunteers. The Grand Jamaica Homecoming movement was conceived in 2003 and developed over the years with wide input from Jamaica, Canada, the US, the UK and Europe. It will be officially launched in Toronto, Canada on August 1, 2011.

Our vision

The Grand Jamaica Homecoming vision is to create a powerful movement for the Jamaican Diaspora and friends of Jamaica that will reconnect them to the island and as a result be a catalyst for benefits to key sectors of the Jamaican economy (e.g. tourism, business, education). Homecoming will be enveloped in a strong call to action under the 2012 campaign “Come Home Jamaica – It’s in you!”

Grand Jamaica Homecoming Legacy – Giving Forward

The Grand Jamaica Homecoming movement will culminate in the development of a Legacy Fund focused on giving forward to initiatives and organizations working in the area of education.

Grand Jamaica Homecoming Goals

Short-term (over the next 12-18 months)

  1. Build awareness of the Grand Jamaica Homecoming 2012 brand so that name recognition is immediate – Jamaican Canadians will know and remember what the Grand Jamaica Homecoming 2012 is all about and what it represents.
  2. Promote Grand Jamaica Homecoming products to drive revenue both financial and ‘in-kind’ so that Homecoming can contribute to immediate legacies in the area of education that are sustainable for the future
  3. Establish strong relationships with key partners, endorsers and sponsors to grow the Grand Jamaica Homecoming brand for the future

Once we achieve our short-term objectives, it will set the stage for success in our long-term objectives.

Long-term (2-7 years)

  1. Establish Grand Jamaica Homecoming as a bi-annual initiative that reaches across the GLOBAL Diaspora
  2. Establish Grand Jamaica Homecoming as a viable avenue / mechanism for reaching the Jamaican Diaspora and supporting the broader mandates of Jamaican groups to impact sectors such as tourism, real estate, commercial development, investment and education.
  3. Provide Jamaica with ongoing sustainable benefits through the support of community projects.



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