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Jamaican School Days | Jamaica, Grand Homecoming 2012
Picture courtesy of Fahad Martin Pinto
Picture courtesy of Fahad Martin Pinto
Picture courtesy of Fahad Martin Pinto
Picture courtesy of Fahad Martin Pinto
Picture courtesy of Fahad Martin Pinto


Jamaican School Days

I remember my primary school days fondly – All Saints Primary School on Studley Park Road in Jones Town from 1960 – 1962. It was a highly rated school and used to rival Central Branch on Slipe Pen Road for passes in the Common Entrance exams. We used to get beatings, yes, but the wiser ones realized that to avoid beatings, do your work. At times the teacher would walk her cane over whole benches of children when they either didn’t understand or weren’t paying attention to what she was teaching. My teachers were Mrs. Black, Miss Bernard, and Mrs. Wilmot -2nd class to 4th class.

The best time of school was lunchtime – 12:00 to 1:00pm, then “dunce” and bright children joined together, the girls to play Jamaican baseball, and the boys to play cricket. What a time that was! There were some girls you just couldn’t get out with the ball- Patricia Johnson aka “sprinty”, Yvonne Johnson, Colleen Wilson, Joan McBean were just some of my baseball friends. Then there was the school lunch or “bullo” which cost tuppence. We would play until the handcart man from the Govt kitchen pulled up with the lunch and all playing stopped, because we had to eat before the bell rang for afternoon sessions to start. I often wonder if anyone has the recipe for the food they used to cook. It used to taste so nice to my childhood taste buds. Mr. and Mrs Wilmot were the headmaster/mistress at the time – I wonder if there is anyone out there who remembers those days as well?

On Independence Day August 6, we all went to school in our uniforms to receive our “gold” cup memento of the occasion, and listened as the teacher told us the meaning of the black green and gold colors of the flag – I still remember “although there are hardships, the land is green and the sun shineth.”

Eternal Father, bless our land!!!

Submitted by Janis Campbell
Brooklyn, New York

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