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Message from the HME, Rev Ronald Thwaites | Jamaica, Grand Homecoming 2012
Picture courtesy of Fahad Martin Pinto
Picture courtesy of Fahad Martin Pinto
Picture courtesy of Fahad Martin Pinto
Picture courtesy of Fahad Martin Pinto
Picture courtesy of Fahad Martin Pinto


Message from the HME, Rev Ronald Thwaites

The Hon. Rev. Ronald Thwaites, Minister of Education

I salute the endeavours of the Grand Jamaica Homecoming Team, as you continue to advance the well-being and promote the interests of the Jamaican Diaspora in Canada. The fact that you are not in close physical proximity to your country of birth, has not diminished your commitment and contribution to its continued growth and development. This is highly commendable.

The year-long celebration by your powerful movement, is occurring at a time when Jamaica is celebrating its milestone anniversary of 50 years as an independent nation. This is a wonderful and opportune occasion for renewal and reflection, and I know your organization, being mindful of this, will use the significance of this anniversary for renewal of relationships and a strengthening of the ties with your wider Jamaican family.

I encourage the members of Grand Jamaica Homecoming Canada, to continue to forge those linkages and alliances with their former schools in Jamaica. The Ministry of Education has recognized the need for more fluid and beneficial partnerships which focus on collaborative action across sectors and at every level. Success is gleaned only from the efforts and commitment of not just a few but from the many who serve within your organization.

The Education Ministry, through its executing agency the National Education Trust (NET), is poised and strategically positioned to co-ordinate philanthropic support and other endowment initiatives aimed at benefitting our people.

Indeed with assistance from your organization, we will continue to lay that solid foundation, block-by-block, and redouble our efforts at securing a brighter and more prosperous future for this generation and others to come. May God’s richest blessings be yours as you go forward.


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